Happy 40th Birthday Medicare!

Happy 40th Birthday Medicare! Main Image

By Louise Pratt

01 February 2024

Happy 40th Birthday Medicare

The Albanese Government went to the election promising to strengthen Medicare.
This month Medicare turns 40 – and I’m pleased to say we’re delivering on that promise – leaving Medicare stronger for the next 40 years and delivering cost of living relief for all Australians.

We’ve made the biggest ever investment in Medicare, and Australians are seeing the difference our commitment to strengthening Medicare is having on their lives. Bulk billing has increased across every state and territory in Australia, with more than 180,000 additional trips to the GP being bulk billed a month across the country, savings Australians millions.

We’ve made medicines cheaper – last year Australians saved $250 million on 21 million cheaper prescriptions thanks to the Albanese Government’s policies.

And we’re making sure Australians have access to a bulk billing doctor when they urgently need it, through our network of 58 bulk billed Medicare Urgent Care Clinics across the country.

Labor built Medicare and only a Labor Government can protect and strengthen Medicare.