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I am very passionate about my committee work!

The role of committees is to investigate and to draw attention to what they find. They throw ‘light in dark corners’ and give advice.

Participation in committees has become a very important aspect of the work of senators. More time is spent by senators attending committee meetings and hearings than in attending sittings of the Senate.
Read more about the role of committees here.

My current Committees

Select Committee on Supermarket Prices from 16.2.2024...

Scrutiny of Delegated Legislation served from 28.7.2022 to present.

Finance and Public Administration: References served as Deputy Chair from 2.8.2022 to present .
Finance and Public Administration: Legislation served as Chair from 2.8.2022 to present.

Community Affairs: References served from 28.7.2022 to present.
Community Affairs: Legislation served from 28.7.2022 to present.

Corporations and Financial Services served from 4.7.2019 to present.