By Louise Pratt

05 December 2023

With the rapid rise of technology around the world, we often hear cautionary negative tales. It can be easy to forget that social media, ICT and radio can be powerful forces for social change.

Today I want to share the remarkable work of an organisation in Fiji. FemLINKpacific is a feminist media platform fighting for gender equality and women's rights in the Pacific region. Their core media initiative is femTALK. It's a women-led community radio network amplifying the voices of women across the nation, especially those women generally overlooked in mainstream media, including rural women, women in remote communities, and disability and LGBTIQ+ networks. Through their Women's Weather Watcher program, they are also providing real-time weather pattern and disaster updates to women in rural communities and advocating for their inclusion in disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

I'm delighted to know that femLINKpacific is made possible by the We Rise Coalition, which is funded by the Australian government. As a member of the Australian government, I'd like to warmly thank and commend those at femLINKpacific for the tangible, positive change they are bringing about in the Pacific.